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LYFT investors should sell their shares ASAP selling short the most ahead of LYFT share price to crash on the exchange urged Alex Vieira, an AI expert on IPO's.  LYFT valuation is absurd calling the FED attention for what's coming.  

Whether you are a small or professional investor you may benefit from multi-million profits in your account today!

I believe LYFT is a good investment for stupid Americans living near the Mexico border calling for Trump. Warren Buffett would never invest in LYFT.  Warren can jump into COKE anytime. Alex
LYFT share price crashing offering multi-million profits to short sellers

IPO AI Expert LYFT Absurd Valuation to Send COCA COLA Shares to $300

Today we have users with more than $1 million profit on their accounts. All within days! Think about it.

If you wish to make $1 million trading while driving you have it. Full autonomous trading. Alex
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