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The market legend Alex Vieira who predicted Snapchat's meltdown downgrading to Junk on IPO at $28 turned bullish on the stock, referring to Snapchat as one of the best stocks to invest in 2019. Snapchat investors may be surprised by a buyout!

AI Vision is the world leader in self-learning algorithms with applications in numerous industries such as aerospace, finance, automotive and military.

Investing in Snapchat with a Market Legend

AI Vision CEO, Alex Vieira, closed his short position in Snapchat as the share price melted to $5 by buying a massive stake. He sees SNAP as one of the best stocks to invest in.  Buy Snapchat today! Make millions of dollars in the markets without any risk!

Snapchat best stocks to invest in 2019

Snapchat turned into one of the hottest stocks in 2019 after Alex Vieira called the ultimate bottom on shares, referring to SNAP as a potential buyout candidate.

Snapchat shares were trading at $12.2 on the exchange.

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