AI Trading Behind Biggest Market Rout in Years Sparks Apple Bear Market

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It's over for scammers raising Apple target price ahead of a bear market. Wall Street has been forced to downgrade Apple cutting estimates according to Autonomous AI Vision Apple forecast.

Apple stock collapses niggers were left holding the bag.

Amazon Downgraded to Strong Sell

Amazon share price collapses entering into bear market territory. The largest holders of Amazon stock left the stupid crowd holding the bag.  

Netflix Downgraded to Strong Sell

Netflix investors following the free guidance of the world's best trader are having their best year ever in the markets! Netflix share price collapsed to $283 entering into bear market territory.

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Nvidia Downgraded to Strong Sell

The crowd has been scammed by Wall Street upgrades, but savvy investors dumped acquiring the largest short positions in the last decade.

Goldman Sachs Downgraded to Strong Sell

No one gives a shit about the opinion of Wall Street idiots investing in bubble stocks! The best is to sell and go short! Everyone is making millions of dollars laughing at stupid Americans.

Only Stupid Americans Trust Stupid Americans

The Stock Bubble is Absurd!

The most stupid investors in the world Americans have been screaming daily losing all their money. They are known to remain bullish down to single digits! The stock bubble is truly absurd! Stock market crash is imminent.

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