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We know the news before the SEC! Tesla short interest is very high therefore Perelman AI Trading Algorithm is inflicting tremendous losses to Tesla bears sending its share price to $300 despite SEC investigations.

We Know the News Before the SEC!

Tesla bulls and bears entered into desperation mode. There are signs of capitulation from both sides as gamblers give up on record accumulated losses since IPO trying to figure out where Tesla share price is headed to.

We killed them all, it's the best party of the century! Everything else is a scam.

SEC News! Tesla Stock to Crash! Rampant Fraud!

We Do It With Musk or Without Musk!

It's all a game and you are the one losing it all! It's about time to close your Tesla short position going long. Tesla share price is soaring for the benefit of our clients, institutions ready to dump on retail investors in the USA at sky-high prices!

The following chart exhibits a multi-billion dollars AI Trade Signal issued at $253

Tesla AI Trade Signals Ahead of Earnings by IntuitiveCode on

It's moving higher ALL DAY LONG! Everyone is making millions of dollars except the blind idiot! Vieira

Cover! Cover sucker! Your losses are amazing to the very last minute! Elon Musk and the SEC are laughing hard at your tiny miserable account!

Tesla share price destiny is well-known.

Learn more about AI BOT 5 +, it's truly a miracle of technology far beyond any Tesla or SpaceX. One day triggers a crash, the next one a short squeeze of huge proportions! You've been invited for a dance.

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