Alex Vieira Autonomous AI automated trading since 1989

Autonomous AI Trading Forex team closed his short position on the currency pair British Pound US Dollar GBPUSD at $1.2045 after making available BREXIT crash forecast to Forex traders downgrading to junk since $1.56

Recently, I announced that I retired from trading. Herein, you find one more reason.

I am retired. I got tired of making money. Going to pursuit other challenges. Luis
Autonomous AI Forex Trading Live on GBPUSD
BREXIT LIVE! AI Forex Trading Live Selling British Pound 1.332 Ahead of Collapse!
Autonomous AI Forex Trading urges Forex investors interested in the currency pair British Pound US Dollar to sell their positions reversing to the short side expecting to make millions of dollars using the most accurate AI forex algorithms in the investment industry.

The British Pound US Dollar (GBPUSD) has rebounded to 1.25 since the short position was closed. Learn more about AI Forex Trading for free.

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