AI Tesla Fund Sells Shares. Musk Slashes Workforce. Tesla Quality Issues Surface.

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Intuitive Code and Autonomous AI Tesla Vision urged Tesla investors to sell shares at $347 before the coming earnings report and ahead of media reporting that Tesla is slashing its workforce facing severe quality issues. We've been long-term investors in Tesla inflicting heavy losses to Tesla short-sellers.

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AI Tesla Fund Sells Ahead of FY 2018 Earnings Release

Autonomous AI Tesla Vision CEO sold recently shares of Tesla at $377 buying back a significant percentage as its share price collapsed below $300.

Today, we are selling Tesla stock at $347 ahead of earnings report as retail investors are back buying after the rally on Jim Cramer bullish sentiment reversal.

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Tesla share price plunged to $319 pre-market as Musk recognizes a very difficult time ahead cutting 7% of Tesla workforce, however Tesla bears have lost all their money as Tesla market cap. more than doubled since Alex Vieira quadrupled his investment position in the company.

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Alex Vieira sold his stake in Tesla at $377 warnings about the perils of investing in Tesla following the corrupt advise of Wall Street firms. He started investing in Tesla buying shares at $36.

AI Tesla Fund CEO Selling Tesla $377 Going Short