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Tesla Investors' Club , a division of Autonomous Trading, has bought the largest amount of Tesla shares since IPO following an upgrade to Strong Buy at $274. I am offering $150,000 if you make money selling short Tesla today, and a solution to recover your tremendous losses.

Buying Tesla Shares Relentlessly

Perelman's AI Trading Algorithm is buying Tesla shares relentlessly all day. In the past week, my email box got flooded with, one of the greatest American scams in markets history, urging investors to sell short Tesla.

Autonomous Trading Releases Tesla AI Algorithm Shares Zoom

Tesla Upgraded to Strong Buy $274 buying 337,000 shares again. Autonomous Trading offers $150,000 to cover short positions ahead of NEW HIGHS $TSLA #tesla— Alex Vieira (@vieiraUAE) June 6, 2018

You cannot beat an AI Fields Medal Trading Bot.

Many companies use the term artificial intelligence, or AI, as a way to generate excitement for their products, as it occurred with the term crypto, however only Intuitive Code has demonstrated it, before us, in highly volatile market conditions for six years achieving what we considered to be impossible. An affordable and easy to use platform which has dramatically improved over the years having a tremendous impact in our performance to the point of stop using everything else we tried before as professional investors for more than forty years.

OLEG – private equity fund

AI BOT Shocks Tesla Investors on Multi-Million Dollar Profit Insider News

buying $TSLA shares all day long— autonomous trading (@ai_autonomous) June 6, 2018

Tesla share price soars the most since IPO

What Shall Tesla Bears Do Now?

Cover your Tesla short position buying 337,000 shares at a price of $277 as reported. This time around Tesla share price is going higher, therefore you are going to make even more.

Tesla Investors Buy 337,000 shares on Elon Musk Strange Earnings Conference Call

Moreover, we are kind enough offering a solution to recover your losses in the stock market. Follow the investment advise of the world's best investors in the financial markets. It is guaranteed that you recover your losses ending up a multi-millionaire. You can start today for free.

Clients are Reporting the Best Year Ever in the Markets STRONG BUY! FIVE Digit ROI. My Top Pick Learn More! $FIVE #earnings— Alex Vieira (@vieiraUAE) June 6, 2018

Twitter bears also did not believe that Twitter share price would get over $40 ever again, but that's possible thanks to our unique work

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