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Learn why Nike is today on the news worldwide, trading at new all-time highs. Nike's market cap has doubled since Alex Vieira's called it a no-brainer long-term investment in March 2020 along with Lululemon. Tesla and RH turned into multi-billion profitable investments.

Nike, Inc. is the world’s leading sportswear and footwear company. The company is known for its innovative and creative approach to sports apparel, footwear, and accessories. Its products have been worn by the world’s elite athletes, including numerous Olympic gold medalists. Its flagship brand Nike is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and we are shareholders.

Invest in Nike and Lululemon

I'm sick of thinking about it, but I still don't comprehend why Americans have not invested in Nike and Lululemon. The quality of their products is amazing. I don't know anyone in my country who does not love them. And, the price is really affordable, so it's hard not to get rich investing.

You cannot go wrong investing in Nike and Lululemon long-term. These are world-leading companies.

This is a great time to be a Nike shareholder. In fact, the company’s shares are up 100 percent since our most recent upgrade.

And even far more for Lululemon investors. That’s an astonishing return. So I want to dig down into some of how Nike’s value can be used and added to your portfolio.

Listen to what Alex wrote on this Blog in 2018

American stock gurus and analysts has been talking about crashes for years. They don't get it. Alex Vieira.

Eager to learn more about investing? I urge you to read this famous article on the Blog - the naked truth about investing in Lululemon. Then, feel free to compare to everyone's else stock analysis.

Best Hedge Fund Manager Raises Lululemon Price Target Ahead of Earnings
Learn why Lululemon share prices continues soaring to new all-time highs after AI BOT 5 PLUS subscribers purchased the largest amount of shares on AI stock forecasts.
Invest in Lululemon

I’m a huge fan of Nike running shoes because they are incredibly well made, I can get some great support on my feet, and the useful materials that are environmentally friendly. I’m also a huge fan of the apps the company creates.

Have you installed Nike app? I've been using it since it came out. Alex told me about it. It's one of the best apps for consumers. So start investing in Nike today!

Wealthy Retirement? Invest in Tesla and RH

Interested in a wealthy retirement? Try Alex's courses for investors. In addition, we bring lifetime opportunities to invest in Tesla and RH.

AI Technical Analysis Course Offers $1 Billion Profit Investing in RH and Tesla
Alex Vieira upgraded RH to Strong Buy at $86 after downgrading it to Junk at $160. Likewise he upgraded Tesla to Strong Buy at $179.5. You can find these investment lessons worth hundreds of millions of dollars in profits in his course on AI Technical Analysis.
Invest in Tesla and RH

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