Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

U.S stock market crash 2018 has been planned, engineered and forecasted by Intuitive Code division, Autonomous Trading, as demonstrated in this article. Likewise, the U.S stock market bottom in March 2009 was accurately forecasted and orchestrated by the same division utilizing Perelman’s artificially intelligent algorithm.

Investment Strategies for the U.S Tech Sector

When investors have before them nose-bleed valuations the only viable option as an investment strategy is to sell all their assets going short against the stupid crowd believing in fantasy and miracles.

Alex's real-time market analysis sparks stock market crash

Autonomous Vision AI Fund CEO comments on the sell-off in the U.S stock market.

Alex warned investors for a bear market and crash as outrageous valuations became the new norm. Since then, investors had time to dump stocks at new all-time highs going short.

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INVESCO ETF QQQ Chart Worth $1 Trillion Dollars

Autonomous Vision AI Fund and Intuitive Code team sold their positions in the U.S stock market.  Investors acquired the largest short positions since March 2009 bottom.

U.S Tech Sector Downgraded to Junk Ahead of Crash

Autonomous Trading Sells INVESCO QQQ Stake $186.4 by IntuitiveCode on

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