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I had the pleasure of announcing here the very top in Abercrombie making it available to investors worldwide selling shares at $29. I have people making 12,000% daily short Abercrombie since then.

FactSheet Abercrombie Stock Crash

Since I announced the top downgrading to Junk, Abercrombie has never seen a bounce, therefore its share price cratered immediately as one of the best selling short opportunities in the exchange.

Billionaire Urges Investors to Sell Short Abercrombie Ahead of Crash

Further, almost every day I get emails from small investors as this one exhibiting their tremendous profits which make us very pleased with your performance by following my free advise.

12,000% ROI daily selling short Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch is one of the stock picks which an investor can find in my service TALK TO ALEX.

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What to expect from Abercrombie coming earnings?

This AI Forecast has been made available today to investors worldwide available in the app as video on demand. Therein, you also find instructions on how to purchase this VOD with 50% discount - it is a pleasure to continue helping you.

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