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Tesla is a bubble stock. Not even an insane idiot is buying shares of Tesla. The only buyers of Tesla are Americans who believe in Wall Street Nomura SCAM price target $500.

Tesla is World's Best Selling Short

Indeed! Tesla is the mother of all selling short opportunities in the markets worldwide.


I announced in this Blog that I sold Facebook and Nvidia to sell short Tesla - hopefully you did the same!

Learn more on how to profit from Tesla subscribing to an AI plan from Intuitive Code.

Every time a stupid American upgrades Tesla you should sell to them ASAP as I announce in real-time! There has never been anyone losing money in the markets selling on upgrades!


All my clients have Quadruple Short Positions in Tesla

Yep! Everyone has been making a bloody fortune selling short Tesla. I published more than twenty lessons since Tesla top urging investors to sell short the most since IPO


Sell short Tesla tomorrow morning. You're helping you and the world's best investors

I left Americans Holding the Bag!

Indeed, we dumped on them the last shares ahead of the crash! in my country there is a saying that goes like this - a stock market legend NEVER fails

Tesla Investors Club Sells Shares at $350. Install the FREE APP! by IntuitiveCode on TradingView.com


Tesla Likely to Report Billions in Losses!

Tesla is technically bankrupt. An idiot with a tiny brain and the 3rd grade knwows it. The only foolish idiots buying Tesla are Americans which is seen as remarkably bearish.


My Family Sold Tesla Ahead of the Coming Crash

Of course, and my family made the announcement in real-time in the world's best blog for professional investors. My entire family is short Tesla, friends, collegues.

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