AI Algorithm Sell Spotify IPO Shares at $163

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Autonomous Trading offered complimentary live streaming trading during Spotify IPO issuing a Sell rating on shares at $163.3.

We break down the drama during Spotify big debut on live streaming with the world's best traders live from the UAE. Autonomous Trading is making the headlines worldwide.

We're dumping Spotify as Americans return to the stock market buying at lofty valuations. Join our live streaming sessions trading high-volatile stocks as Tesla with 100% accuracy. We've investors making millions of dollars weekly.



Autonomous Trading Spotify IPO Sell Rating $163 by IntuitiveCode on

Spotify shares closed the IPO session at $149


Autonomous Trading makes the headlines crashing LongFin 90%

LongFin (LFIN) and Riot Blockchains are examples of American scams open for trading for the benefit of professional investors selling short the most since the bubble.
LongFin SCAM to Crash Downgraded to Junk - Crash Guaranteed!
Crypto Stocks RIOT Blockchain to Crash to Single Digits


The Biggest Bubble in markets history.

We're before one of the biggest stock market bubbles in the history of the financial markets. Autonomous Trading CEO commented

The only idiots asking me to buy stocks are Americans. Fortunately, I saved their lives for free. They own me everything. The rest of the world has been making a fortune selling short American scams - the worst stock market crash ever is coming - I never failed a forecast.

Energous (WATT) from Strong Buy to Junk


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