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Learn the truth about the extraordinary team behind Tesla historical stock rally from $179 to $1,550 in just twelve months worth today $300 billion market cap, more than Toyota and Volkswagen combined. Alex Vieira disclosed his investment strategy to make billions in the markets.

I've seen this incredible stupidity too many times. I remind you that just six months ago you had thousands of crooks spreading fake news about Tesla arguing the company was on a path to bankruptcy. Back then, I saw Tesla as a lifetime investment opportunity. You cannot change the future. It is upon each one of us to use the brain that God gave us properly. Fortunately, we rely on mathematics rather than human beings to make decisions. Alex Vieira. February 2020

We Create History

Intuitive Code CEO and its entire team had no doubts about buying massive Tesla stakes publishing the news on the Blog in real-time while Wall Street continues defrauding investors. Tesla is the perfect stock for you to invest in. I've been buying stocks for 90 consecutive days!

Legendary Tesla Investors Club Says Elon Musk is Wrong! Tesla Can Rally to $1,200
Intuitive Code CEO and its entire team had no doubts about buying Tesla when Elon Musk was on the news complaining about Tesla’s valuation. Tesla is the perfect stock for you to buy now since the world’s best investors have acquired large stakes.
Elon Musk is Wrong! Tesla Going Much Higher!

In 2020, after calling a stock market crash we urged investors to come back buying massive stakes in Tesla, ETF QQQ, and over 50 high quality companies no one believed in aiming at billions in profits.

Legend Who Called Market Crash Says to Buy Apple and ETF QQQ to Make Billions
The visionary investor explains why you must buy Apple shares to make billions in the markets during the pandemic economy. Follow his free advise to make billions in the markets. He has never missed a call on Apple. We include Apple price target.
Buy ETF and Apple to Make Billions of Dollars Ahead!

Tesla Live Stock A. I Analysis

Alex Vieira turns complex investment into utter simplicity. Follow his free guidance in the markets to make hundreds of millions.

Tesla Legend PUT PEDAL TO THE METAL for $1 Billion Profit - Automated AI Trading Financial Live News
Put the Pedal to the Metal and start moving on ludicrous profits, said the legendary investor. If the speed decreases, you can squeeze the balls for an extra charge on bears. Alex Vieira
Alex Vieira Urges Buying Tesla PEDAL TO THE METAL
Alex Vieira Live Tesla stock analysis

Recently, we bought more shares of Tesla according to the legendary free investment strategy available on autonomous trading news feed - PEDAL TO THE METAL to burn short-sellers.

Alex Vieira Calls SEC, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley Dirty Pigs Raising Tesla Price Target
Alex Vieira raised his price target on Tesla urging investors to buy more shares. In the past twelve month, he recommended buying Tesla one thousand one hundred and eleven times naming Tesla the best stock to buy in the world.
Alex Vieira buys more Tesla shares

A.I Trading APP Investors Reviews

Autonomous Trading TNT Plan Users Soar 1,380% Delivering 9-Digit Profit thanks to A.I Tesla

The only people surprised for Tesla to be worth $250 billion are American scammers when a bicycle company Peloton is worth $20 billion. Alex Vieira
Legendary Tesla Investor Says NIO is Next Tesla Forecasts 30,000% Profit
Alex Vieira upgraded NIO to Strong Buy at $1.6 in 2019 recommending to buy millions of shares sharing his opinion in real-time on Intuitive Code A.I Premium for small investors. Learn why he continued recommending buying NIO and Tesla shares.
Investors Reviews

There are millions of people investing in Tesla and NIO, thousands are beating every single idiot on Wall Street thanks to the legendary investor Alex Vieira.

I don't have words to show my gratitude for Alex's passionate work and genius. He has shown us the impossible does not exist. First, and foremost, I had to destroy my common beliefs planted by a selfish, stupid, incompetent, hypocrite society. Thanks to his daily UNLIMITED persistence and positive energy, I bought 8,000 shares of Tesla; 40,000 shares of Overstock; 230,000 shares of NIO. Just a few months ago no one believed in these companies except him. Everyone else said I was going to lose everything calling me lunatic, egocentric, trying their best to scare me pretending to be good friends coming up with stories of scam's. Some of my friends became my worst enemies. I, and Alex worked as a team proving them wrong destroying the EVIL OF ENVY. I could never done it on my own letting profits go beyond my wildest imagination. Thank you so much my friend. My respect is immutable - unveränderlich. D. Schwarz. July 7th, 2020
Alex Vieira Live Selling Virgin Galactic $42 Seeing Five Digit Profit
Alex Vieira sold his position on Virgin Galactic at $42 after upgrading the stock to Strong-Buy at $8 in 2019 inviting everyone to acquire a massive stake in the company reinventing the concept of investment releasing TNT.
Alex Vieira Live Selling Virgin Galactic in Real-time on Autonomous Blog

Tesla closed the week at $1,547

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