Artificially Intelligent Algorithms since 1989

AMD share price soared to $69 new all-time highs ahead of its earnings report. The legendary AMD investor announced on the Blog the ultimate bottom at $9.85 urging investors to buy the most stock in decades. Warren Buffett has never invested in AMD which is seen as good news.

Earnings Miss? We Love It!

A.I Algorithm urges BUY AMD on Earnings Miss! Analysts Will Scramble Raising Targets Daily!

AMD stock is on the Federal Reserve portfolio, while Intel is a good stock for Warren Buffett who consistently underperforms any Robinhood trader.
A.I Algorithm Urges BUY AMD on Earnings Miss! Analysts Will Scramble Raising Targets Daily!
AMD recently missed earnings seeing its share price down 10% but Alex Vieira urged investors to buy AMD seeing Wall Street analysts scrambling to cover raising targets.
Earnings Miss? I am Buying Huge!
Alex's new A.I trading app for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV is a dream come true.
Alex Vieira A.I Trading APP

Intel (INTC) plunged 16% after missing earnings.

Run From Wall Street Fraud!

Wall Street is involved in the highest level of fraud in decades robbing customers

Alex Vieira Urges Adding to Short Positions on Morgan Stanley Outrageous Fraud. Nikola Shares Melt!
Alex Vieira urged investors to increase significantly their short positions on Nikola as the fraud he called in erupted finally on the media. He called Nikola, a NON-RISK investment, for short-sellers $300 million profit GUARANTEED!
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