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The currency pair $GBPUSD soared to 1.27 this Friday after the legendary Forex trader urged to close short positions at 1.2045. The record move was supported by huge inflows of capital from thousands of Forex traders using artificial intelligence to invest in.  

Alex Vieira, and thousands of Forex traders closed their short positions on the British Pound at 1.2045 after learning about what's coming in the Brexit negotiations.

We received good intelligence and behind it the most accurate A.I Forex trading algorithm in the markets. Alex
AI Trader Who Predicted British Pound BREXIT Crash Closes His Short 1.2045
Autonomous AI Trading Forex team closed his short position on the currency pair British Pound US Dollar GBPUSD at $1.2045 after making available BREXIT crash forecast to Forex traders downgrading to junk since $1.56

Foolish people challenging the world's brightest minds in the Forex markets opted-in to remain short the pound insisting on posting their anecdotal research and ideas all over the web luring more idiots into their losing game.

We've been working on this dramatic short squeeze for awhile. The end result is invariably the same - humungous profits. Nikolay

To carry on this lovely short squeeze Autonomous Trading made use of the same algorithm used to call Tesla bottom at $179 while everyone else was downgrading.

Tesla AI Robotic Trading Upgrades Shares After Downgrading to Junk $380
The market legend behind Tesla share price crash has just upgraded the stock. Is Tesla a buy now ahead of its earnings report and deliveries? Does Alex Vieira have Tesla inside information? One thing is guaranteed! Multi-million trading profits ahead!

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Tesla Poll Is Barclays a FARCE or SCAM?

Tesla Poll. Is Barclays a FARCE or SCAM? - Autonomous AI Trading
Take part in the most recent Tesla poll available in our webinars at the request of famous investors. Barclays downgraded Tesla to $150 on the day we covered short positions at $179 going long announcing it on the Blog in real-time. Since then Tesla rallied to $265. Is Barclays a FARCE or SCAM? B…
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